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Our history


May 2, 2012, 11:35 p.m., a gang of old friends (not that old) gathered around a succulent Spring dinner made an observation: there is not a really really light and really really nice thing in the world of cocktail. Share this observation with the previous generation and next, we said we had to quickly fix it to improve the situation. One goal: to inspire women (because it is they who change the world, it is well known :)) to sip a cocktail right from the afternoon! Our means: we and our strong taste for the gourmet, our desire to succeed a lot too! Our promise: to create a structure that looks like us, respectful of man, listening, dynamic and open… even to sharing! Thus was born:


And this is how we imagined Cosy, with French pastry Chefs’s expertise and rigor. Here is our story, a gourmet and uninhibited adventure we want to share with you…


Cosy imagines the LowCktail®

A beverage with “Made in France” quality, enhanced by our pastry chefs, who have managed to give it with elegance and finesse a subtly indulgent touch. Unique and without comparison, Cosy can take the form of a LowCktail®, a cocktail low in alcohol, or becomes a Pastry Cocktail® for a gastronomical style. Slightly sweet, reasonably alcoholic, COSY is as gourmet as refreshing … and thus enjoyed at different times of the day, right from the afternoon… That’s the Cosy Time! Different gourmet expressions make up the Cosy collection…Discover it!